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    Types of Certificates

    Types of Certificates
    No. Undergraduate/Graduate Title of Certificate Note
    1 Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate of Enrollment
    2 Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate of Expulsion
    3 Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate of Course Completion
    4 Undergraduate Certificate of Graduation
    5 Graduate Certificate of Degree Conferment
    6 Undergraduate Certificate of Expected Graduation
    7 Graduate Certificate of Expected Course Completion
    8 Graduate Certificate of Expected Degree Conferment
    9 Undergraduate/Graduate Academic Transcripts
    10 Undergraduate/Graduate Certificate of Absence

    ※ To request a certificate in English, a student is required to input his/her English name on the UNIST portal.
    ※ Graduates who do not return their books, the certificate can not be issued.

    Methods and Procedures

    Methods and Procedures
    Methods Place Procedures Fee Time required
    On campus 1F,
    Main Administration
    Students, themselves, can issue certificates from the automated issuance machine at any time. KRW 500/
    Main Administration
    Students can request certificates by visiting Educational Affairs Team.
    Available time:
    Mon~Fri 9:00~12:00, 13:00~18:00
    Fax Local public offices (Office of Si, Gun, Gu, Eup, Myun, Dong) 1. Applicants can request certificates to local public offices or G4C, www.egov.go.kr
    사이트에서 FAX민원 신청2. Certificates are sent by fax.
    +Service Charge
    1hour~3 hours
    Internet Certificate Issuance System http://unist.multi-kiosk.com/icert/introEn.html Students: Portal -> Click the menu: Internet Certificate Issuance Free Immediately
    Alumni: www.unist.ac.kr -> Click the banner: Internet Certificate Issuance

    Educational Affairs Team (Tel. 052-217-1114, Fax. 052-217-1119)